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What does it really mean to ‘stand out from the crowd’ in the jobs market?

This is a guest blog post by Milkround, the UK’s leading graduate careers website! We’ve all been there – you’ve painstakingly crafted the perfect application, yet you still feel the need to add an extra ‘oomph’ to your job application. Being the one applicant that ‘stands out’ will be key to getting you that job, so being able…

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10 Online Productivity Tools To Boost Your Job Hunt

Productivity tools have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, as app developers have found brilliantly intuitive ways of helping you out with time management. If you experiment and find the mobile and web apps that work best for you, you can genuinely turn your phone into the most useful kind of personal assistant. A personal…

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The Perfect CV That Every Aspiring Journalist Should Have

This is a guest blog by David George, a journalism student at Southampton Solent University. It may seem obvious to say that a well-written CV is the key to securing a successful job; however, it would seem that many people still overlook this, or make simple mistakes in them. Corrinne Mills, the Joint Managing Director…

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What is the Graduate ‘Expectation Gap’?

There is a huge difference between what students expect to be doing after graduation and what they actually end up doing. True, studies show that young Britons are generally miserable about their futures and expect to have worse living conditions than their parents – whether due to fears about climate change, dying bees or Tory…

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What I learned from interning at The Guardian

Although I’m now doing a marketing internship for Talent Cupboard and I like to call myself a hotshot advertiser, I used to want to be a journalist. So I started a blog, submitted articles to up-and-coming political websites and lurid student tabloids, got work experience at my local newspaper and even resorted to writing for…

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What does it mean to be ‘computer literate’?

It’s terrifying to examine the ‘what we’re looking for’ section of a job advert. Even for a seemingly casual administration job, the employer requires a 2:1 degree, infinite levels of charisma, and the ability to talk to gorillas. But aside from the ‘required skills’ that make you feel massively insecure, there are some that are…

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How I became a writer

This is a guest blog by Helena Baker, a social media and content assistant at MedicAnimal. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in French and History from the University of Royal Holloway. She is currently based in North West London, has her own website and blog, and is a contributor for the Huffington Post. You can find her…

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How I landed a graduate career in consulting

This is a guest post by Sophia Montgomery.   From a young age, I could only ever picture myself working in the corporate environment of the city. So I selected A Level courses that would be broadly useful for any business-related career – Business & Economics, Mathematics, Information Technology and Psychology. I enjoyed Economics but…

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The 3 Benefits of Studying Abroad

This is a guest post by Johan Zambrano. I’m an international relations student at Pennsylvania University, which is in the North-western city of Philadelphia. I want to go into diplomacy, an area of careers that demand a broad range of interpersonal and linguistic skills. Many American students know that these are gained through internships that…

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How joining the army reserves at university can boost your employability

This is a guest blog post by Eric Morison, a first-year law student at UCL.   My first year at University was rather odd. I was brimming with eagerness when it started, believing I was destined for besuited glory in London’s hallowed square mile. At University College London, everyone believed they were on a journey towards…

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