A Sit Down With: Rohan Kopparapu


Rohan is a 2nd year MEng Computer Science student at University College London, here we discuss his summer internship with Talent Cupboard.

1. What made you decide to decide to intern at Talent Cupboard?
A: When I met Adam at the UCL Advances internship fair, he was very convincing about Talent Cupboard and the long term plans he had for it. He’s extremely passionate about helping students and recent graduates find jobs and freelance work, which was a deciding factor in choosing to intern at TC.

2. What kind of projects were you involved in?
A: I took part mainly in web development projects. It was a steady learning curve, I started off redesigning the Cupboard websites and slowly went on to make it fully responsive for all devices. Then I designed and programmed a new dashboard interface for all three websites. I was also introduced to PR, digital marketing and pre-deployment product testing. To round off the internship I deployed a web app called Unilists which can be found at www.unilists.co.uk

3. Did you learn any new skills?
I learned a lot about digital and viral marketing, how to manage and tackle large development tasks, front-end web development and other technical skills.

4. What was your greatest achievement?
Successfully deploying Unilists. Seriously, go check it out!

5. How did you get involved with the internship?
I printed off a few copies of my CV and went to the internship fair, applied to about 10 different companies before shortlisting those who replied. After a short interview with Adam, I decided on TC.

6. Has your internship given you a greater insight into what you’d like to do for your future career?
I’ve still got three years of my degree left so its still early days but it has made me think about where I want to be and what I want to do in the future. But no solid plans as of yet.

9. Do you feel that your internship has improved your future job prospects?
Definitely, I’ve gotten used to being in a work/professional environment. All the new skills and experience I have gained will undoubtedly improve my future prospects.

10. What would be your one piece of advice to potential computer science students?
Take part in extracurricular activities (not necessarily sports and outdoorsy stuff), mentoring, hackathons, running for positions of power, and similar things will not only boost your CV but also your professional skills. (It’ll all pay off, believe me!)



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