How Using A Digital CV Can Land You Your Dream Job

When you’re looking for a job the phrase “digital CV” is thrown around a lot in blogs and social media. But no one actually explains what a Digital CV is. Well, its an electronic copy of your CV. Its not anything special, or is it? How many times have you applied for a job and…

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How To Write A More Compelling CV

It’s competitive out there. Many jobs have dozens and dozens of applicants, so in order to get that all important interview, your CV has to work incredibly hard. But how do you do that? Lead with benefits, not features. Your CV is selling you, and people don’t buy things based on features, they buy things…

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5 Ways To Stop Your CV Being Blocked As Spam


Fun Fact: 80%-90% of all emails sent on the internet are spam. You may not know this, I certainly didn’t think of it while I was job hunting but your CV may accidentally end up in the employers spam folder. Its disheartening when you send off your application and the employer doesn’t even grace you…

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How To Create A CV That Stands Out To Employers


Employers will only take 30 seconds to read your CV and make a judgement on you. Its a startling truth that not everyone knows about. You spend hours making sure your CV is just perfect, rewriting your cover letter to send to the employer, and if they don’t as much as like the layout, your CV…

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Why Do Job Applications Get Rejected?


There are lots of reasons why your job application might get rejected. They’re not personal, but sifting through applications is laborious and costly for employers, so they pick and choose between them any which way they can. Reasons can vary depending on your industry, the role you’re applying for and of course the mindset of…

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