How Using A Digital CV Can Land You Your Dream Job

When you’re looking for a job the phrase “digital CV” is thrown around a lot in blogs and social media. But no one actually explains what a Digital CV is.

Well, its an electronic copy of your CV. Its not anything special, or is it?

How many times have you applied for a job and been asked to upload your CV, only to have the system format everything wrong? Its annoying, especially when you’re applying for dozens of jobs a day. It gets repetitive and its hard to keep your motivation up.

How many times have you edited and reformatted your CV on Word to make sure its absolutely perfect?

Well, now you don’t have to. Just like the traditional paper CV, your DocX version is quickly following it into the dark ages. The whole process is lengthy and frustrating, not only for you but the employer as well. Imagine entering the office at 9AM and finding over 100 emails sitting in your inbox, you have to go through every single one, opening the attachment, trying to make sense of the format and content each time. Its no wonder that employers spend less than 30 seconds looking at each application.

However, digital CV’s, the ones where you input your information just like on Talent Cupboard or LinkedIn are the future of gaining employment. They’re more like digital portfolios. Imagine how much easier it is for the applicant and the employer. You don’t have to continuously upload different versions of your CV onto loads of different websites. You also don’t have to worry about the formatting. You can even ‘one click’ apply on jobs that are right for you and if you’re feeling brave, share it with potential employers via social media.

Remember that when you’re applying for jobs, you’re selling yourself. Trying to convince the reader of your CV that you’re a competent human being in under 3o seconds is hard. But having links of your previous work, a video explaining what industry you’d like to get into and what locations you’d like to work in, means that the right employer can find you.

From an employers perspective, they can search through candidates skill set, see references, view an introductory video and even have a look at examples of your work such as freelance activities, you blog, etc.

It just makes the process a lot easier and manageable for both sides of the coin.

So say goodbye to your outdated resume and get yourself a brand new digital CV. It really is the future, so get ahead of the game and share yours with employers. They stand out, give a wider depth of information and show tangible evidence of your experience. Which are all factors that are a massive hit with employers and really do help you land your dream job!

Feature image belongs to DeclanTM via: Flickr