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FAQS for business


What does it cost?

To register:

Completely free!

To post an online project:

Talent Cupboard charges a listing fee for projects posted on our site. This lets us keep the lights on & continue to help people.

The lisitng fee is calculated as a percentage of your project budget sliding from 20% down to 14%.

For example, if you were to set an award of £250 for a design project the listing fee for this would be £50. The award is completely refundable if you don't end up working with anyone but the listing fee isn't.

To post a pack project:

Packs will vary depending on what they provide but all prices are given up front so you can see what you'll need to budget for.

To get someone in house:

Here the cost will depend on whether you are posting a job to our site or using our search & selection option.

Posting a job will consist of a small non-refundable one off fee.

Search & selection will be a larger fee but only paid if you place someone within your company.

Our aim is to be a high quality, yet affordable resource to help you connect with the best young talent.

What are online projects?

Online projects are for when you have one-off tasks that can be completed remotely by someone. For example, if you need a mobile app prototype built you can post your project to our site with a description of hat you need & a budget. Then, our talented community of students & graduates request to undertake the project. You'll select someone to build the app for you & receive everything you've asked for.

Online projects are great for when you haven't got the budget to hire someone permanently or just need something done quickly.

What projects can I post?

We've got a highly talented community signed up so you can post any kind of requirement that can be done remotely on the site & we'll make sure the right people see it.

Post a project

How does a project work?

Posting & managing a project on Talent Cupboard couldn't be easier.

1. First off you'll need to choose what you need doing & write a brief with our step-by-step guide to detail some specifics on what you're expecting to have by the end of the project.

2. You choose a budget, set when you need applications by & proceed to payment.

3. We'll then market you project to our community of students & graduates.

4. You'll then need to pick a freelancer to work with & then finalise deliverables.

5. Once you're happy with everything you can then sign off the project, leave a glowing testimonail & we'll release payment to the freelancer from escrow.

We run a couple of different project types but you can find out about these in more detail on our how it works page.

What is a crowdsourcing project?

A crowdsourcing project is one in which you receive ideas upfront from which to pick. This is an option most widely available on creative projects. It's particularly good if you're looking to get a number of different ideas from different people.

You'll be required to feedback & rate ideas that are submitted so that everyone gets something out of this process.

What is a 1 to 1 project?

A 1 to 1 project is where you'll receive applications from freelancers to be the one to undertake the work on the project. You'll be able to review freelancer profiles & pick someone to work with.

What happens if I don't have a successful project?

In the rare case that you either haven't found someone to work with then we can follow one of two routes.

The first is to reopen your project & we'll work with you to remarket it. We prefer to try this option as we want to do everything we can to make sure you see how awesome our community can be. All of this is completely free so there's nothing to lose.

In the case that you really don't want to reopen a project or continue then we can proceed to refund your project award. For crowdsourced projects you'll have to make sure all ideas are rated & given feedback before we can do this.

What happens to the intellectual property from a project?

With each succesful project the intellectual property created by the winning freelancer will transfer to you once it's been signed off & we've transferred the escrowed project award to them.

IMPORTANT: You don't own any of the intellectual property unless you've paid for it on Talent Cupboard. Any use otherwise is strictly prohibited.

What if I need help writing a project brief?

If you need help writing a brief then our team are always on hand to help you out. The best thing to do is to create a draft on our system (you'll need an account), fill in as much as you can & then get in contact with us.

We've made it as simple as possible but we are around if you do get stuck!

Can I get more privacy on a project?

If you want to add an extra level of protection to your project then you can choose to add an NDA to your project. This means that someone who wants to view the details of your brief will need to be signed up to Talent Cupboard, have a freelancer account & also agree to our NDA before viewing your project.

There is a small fee associated with this but it's your choice.

You can see our NDA here.

How can I get someone in house?

You can get a talented student or graduate in house with you via job posts or our search & selection option.

Job posts let you to students & graduates come to you. Sit back, review applicants & let us market the opportunity for you. Our Talent Match shows you how relevant someone is for your role based on their Talent Cupboard profile.

Our search & selection option gets us proactively searching our database for the right person for your role. This is an account managed solution to your talent needs.

You can find out more on the link below.