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How it works for students & graduates

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How do I apply for freelance projects?
How do I make the most of my digital CV?



Why hello there!

You can improve your employability in all kinds of ways on Talent Cupboard. Win a project, create a digital CV, learn from our blog, bribe us... Okay, you can't bribe us, but the rest is true.

Here, you'll find handy tutorial videos that'll help you get closer to your dream job, one step at a time.

Want to know a little more about us? Just watch this short video. Or, if you always think the book is better than the film, head over to the 'About us' page.

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Working on freelance projects

Freelancing projects on Talent Cupboard are a great way to start building up your experience. You can complete these projects from anywhere and their flexible enough to fit around studies and your social life.

How to apply for and win freelance projects

Our top tips for you

Once you've created your Talent Cupboard account - which won't cost you a penny - you can tackle any of the live projects on the site.

Why complete freelance projects you say? Well they're a great way to build vital experience, earn money and add awesome work to your CV at the same time. All of which help to show potential employers that you're a rockstar who they need to hire right away. Who knows, you could be so successful that you go freelance full time. There's only one way to find out...

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Making the most of your digital CV

Looking to win more projects on Talent Cupboard or stand out to employers? Then make sure to read on for our top tips on creating an incredible digital CV which is the key to unlocking ultimate control of the galaxy. Ahem, sorry. We mean ultimate employability.

How to create an incredible digital CV

Stand out from the crowd

Your digital CV on Talent Cupboard is the key to everything on this site. From completing freelance projects through to getting headhunted by the best companies.

Your Talent Cupboard CV is the kind of like your normal text based CV but on employability steroids. You can show examples of previous work, include a short video & much more which is all aimed at helping you to stand out to the right people.

Watch out video to find out what these super CV's are all about.

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