How to easily come up with great blog ideas

Blogging for your business can be tough. You want to put out content to drive traffic to your website but you’re not sure what to post. Writer’s block is inevitable and eventually the idea tank runs dry. All blogs are different which means what works for one person’s blog might not match up with another blog.

Coming up with ideas for your blog shouldn’t be stressful. Fortunately, we know a few tips to help you come up with blog ideas.

Talk to your customers

Chatting with your customers can be helpful.They could mention something that would make a great topic for your blog. It is great to interact with people even if it is just a run of the mill conversation. Once words are being spoken, your ideas will be flowing. For example: A customer could be going on and on about how aggravating their phone company’s customer service is. This could lead you to think about how businesses pay attention to customer service and how they can improve the quality of the calls and interactions with customers.


Create a Quora profile

Online forums like Quora are prefect because people ask questions on it all day long. This means an influx of possible ideas. Just looking at the questions could inspire you to write a post revolving around that question. The best part is that you could upload the post to the question and have people click on your post, thus driving traffic to your website. Two birds, one stone.





Check the news

One of the best ways to stay in the loop of current business trends is by watching the news. If there is anything big going on, the news is likely to report it. Or it could be a completely different news story that could use a bloggers opinion. For example: In 2015 when Chipotle had the mass epidemic of people getting sick from poor food regulations, you could’ve wrote how the poor managing style of the company led to the downfall of the huge franchise.


Themed posts

Having themed posts could knock out a couple of days that you have to come up with ideas. Set certain posts for particular days. Mondays could be “How To” posts, while Thursdays could be posts about tips/tactics. Each week, you would know that you have to write one of the specific posts, which would make it easier for you to post regularly.

Guest posts

Is there any better way to get rid of your writer’s block other than getting someone else to write for you? Inviting people to guest post is a great way to get new ideas onto your blog. Also they are likely to share the post from your blog, in that sense you are both gaining subscribers. While this is not good to do all the time, having others post once in a while is refreshing. By guest posting on someone’s blog, you could gain credibility.

See what others post

No one likes a copycat,but if you take someone else’s idea and present it in a new way, then the game changes. You could have a different opinion on the post you are rewriting than the person who originally wrote it. Based on the way you write the post, you could get more activity than the original. For example: Buzzsumo shows you how many times a post was shared and on what social media platform. This is one way to show you what content is popular. Check Buzzsumo out:


Start a poll

See what your readers want you to write about. Create a poll with different topics and have them vote which one they like the best. This not only shows that people are active while reading your posts, but that they enjoy your writing and opinions. It can also show your readers that you value their opinions, which make them feel important.

Sort your ideas

If you’re feeling in a super creative mood one day, write down all of your ideas. One platform that is efficient to keep all your ideas is Trello. This platform helps you separate your ideas into three different categories: Get Online, Get Found, and Get Growing. This site lets you store your ideas in checklist form, note form, etc.


Tell your story

Write a post about your experience in the business world and what you have learned from it. Basically think of this post as a journal entry and see how your ideas flow. You could reflect on something that you had forgotten about, which could become another blog post. For example: talk about what made you want to start your business, what your plans were to get it started, and how you started it. It would even be great to add what you wish you knew before starting your business.

Keyword search

When worst comes to worst, Google is your best friend. Google AdWords are a great way to see what words are relevant in Google searches. If you type in your keywords, you ill be able to see how many times they have been searched in the last couple of months. For example: If you wanted to write a post about how to drive traffic to your website, you would be able to see the amount of times that phrase was searched in past months compared to now.




Your business blog should touch upon all the topics you believe are vital for your business. If you’re not fully sure about a post, send it to a friend or a family member first to see how it sounds. Whatever you decide to write about, just make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you post it.