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Concept Cupboard Nominated By Lord Young And Sir Terry Leahy As One Of Britain’s Brightest Business Talents


Concept Cupboard has been named one of the Accelerate 250. The fast growing enterprise connects businesses with creative student & graduate freelancers.

Concept Cupboard works with a range of businesses, from start-ups to large corporates to help them source high quality, affordable design and marketing.

The platform allows emerging creatives to gain exposure to real commercial briefs, build their experience, portfolios and ‘work-readiness’. Over £100,000 has been paid to creatives for their work to date.

The new launch - Coding Cupboard - will work along the same lines, providing businesses with access to talented coders for digital work.

Adam Ball, General Manager says: ‘It’s our mission to help young people bridge the gap between academia and the workplace to become ‘work ready’. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the coming launch of Coding Cupboard, a marketplace connecting businesses with the best coding talent. Working closely with businesses will allow our coders to gain useful, commercial experience.

With soaring levels of youth unemployment, one in five in the UK currently, and the pressure on the entrepreneurial, private sector to revive the economy, it makes absolute sense to match-make creatives and coders with businesses so that both can grow. In addition, Coding Cupboard recognises the fact that we are going through a digital revolution and that the current skills gap in the economy desperately needs addressing’.

Simon Devonshire, co-founder and European director of Telefonica’s Wayra says: ‘European youth employment currently stands at 23.5% and I firmly believe something needs to be done to halt this growing crisis. We can’t let that much talent simply go to waste. And neither can we expect businesses to grow and flourish without digital capability and affordable marketing. Concept Cupboard and Coding Cupboard are on the right track to help solve this issue that we must all help to solve. Ambitious businesses can now afford bright marketing ideas and grow their online business without cumbersome costs. Meanwhile, creatives and coders earn, learn and become work-ready. It’s a perfect match with benefits on both sides’.

Coding Cupboard will be launching later this year and will sit alongside Concept Cupboard under the umbrella brand Talent Cupboard.


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Contact information

For further information please contact Adam Ball (General Manager) on 07412 550365 or

Dropbox folder with logos and relevant assets: download here:

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Other information

• Concept Cupboard launched on February 1st 2011 and was set up by Guy McConnell, Julie Cheetham & Simon Devonshire. To find out more about the founders visit

• Concept Cupboard has won multiple awards to date including being named part of the Accelerate 250, Smarta 100, Startups Top 100, Red Bull Future 50 & others.

• Simon and Guy are also founders of One Water, the not-for-profit bottled water company that has brought clean drinking water to 1.5m people in Africa

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Youth unemployment statistics

• European youth unemployment for EU27 at 23.5% in April 2013. Source:

• UK youth unemployment currently stands at 20.5% for 16-24 year olds. Source: