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Beautifully designed social media profiles from just £149.

Increase your sales & customer engagement with social media.
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In a world where people are spending more and more time on social networks you need to be where your customers are. They're out there ready to talk to your brand, or about it, so you need to become part of the conversation.

If you needed convincing over how many people you can reach then that's simple. Facebook alone has more than 30 million users in the UK. That's almost half of the population. And you could be reaching out to them, getting your business noticed and gaining more customers.

Awesome, you've convinced me... so what do I get for my £149?

Your social media bundle you three beautifully designed profiles that embody what your brand is about and suit the network you're reaching out to.

Each social network is different, so the ones you choose will depend on what sort of business you're running. We'll advise which ones are right for you, but the decision is yours.

You can choose any three from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube & Google+.

And if you really want to maximise your reach, we'll design up to two additional profiles for just £20 each. Rock on!

Designed to specification


What you'll receive from our social media pack

Custom design of your profiles

Our talented freelancers will create your very own social media profile & cover assets to make you truly stand out from the crowd.

They're provided with all of the correct dimensions in which to make your designs to order so you don't have to worry about a thing. If you have any stock photos or calls to actions required then simply detail these in the brief and they'll do the rest.

Setup on the networks if you require

If you don't have your social media accounts setup and think it's all a bit too much bother then our team at Talent Cupboard can do this for you for a small charge.

We create the accounts, upload your brand new designs and then securley handover your login details to you.

Which social networks will you pick?

The network with the largest reach in the world. Great for consumer brands looking to build a following.


Not just a digital rolodex. Linkedin is a powerful tool to reach out to potential business customers.


This network is perfect if you're looking to build a following and react to customers talking about your brand.


The world's second largest search engine behind Google. Reach a large audience with engaging videos.


Not the biggest social network in the world but this is a great one to have if you're looking to boost your SEO.

Social Setup

Want us to create your accounts and upload your designs? No problem, our team can take care of this for you.