The Social Media Calendar To Help You Grow Your Audience

Social media, whether you like it or not, has proved to be a vital marketing tool for businesses looking to engage with existing and new customers. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are completely free to use – which is great for businesses on a budget. The trouble is it can be hard, especially when starting out on social media, to make your voice heard. In this post we show you how our social media calendar can help you to not only reach new audiences but also to have a regular, easy to follow schedule of how to do so. Many people want a skin care expert to just tell them what product to use or what brand is best buy accutane online Rather than have someone just tell you what product to use it’s much better to learn about common skin care ingredients so that you can read labels and make the decision about what is best for you personally.

Grow your social media following using hashtags

A great way of gaining followers, likes, and engaging with target audiences is by using the right hashtags. A hashtag is a word or phrase that is categorized with other similar posts of that particular subject. It has been shown that hashtags on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will get 50% more engagement than those without hashtags. They do this by increasing the reach of your posts by categorizing your content making it found easily by people searching that topic. For example, #digitalmarketing on twitter.

While hashtags are great to use, not knowing when to use them can be seen as shooting in the dark. Hashtaging at the right time of the day can make a post more effective. The trick is to target a trending topic at the right time and to the right people. There are specific times in the day when social media platforms and trends are most active. Therefore, it is key to do your market research and target these times in the day. In business, for example, the hashtag #Bizhour is most active between 3.00pm-4.00pm on Monday.

Another way of maintaining growth in followers and activity for your business is by posting content regularly. Regularly posting, interacting with others, sharing posts and following others are key elements to combine with the use of relevant hashtags.

Social media calendar

To help you get going with hashtags we’ve created a daily social media calendar that can help you post in the right place, at the right time to easily grow your following.

The social media calendar shown below can help you and your business tackle social media across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. It shows the days of the week and the best times to post and hashtag. This guide shows when social media platforms are most active with live trending hashtags and topics.

Hashtags are particularly useful for Twitter & Instagram but we’ve also covered topics you can regularly be posting about to help you on Facebook and Linkedin too.

social media calendar

If you were also wondering what kind of thing to post we’ve created some additional notes with examples for those specific timed hashtags. These can act as a template for you when you are posting content across various platforms. Here we cover Twitter and Instagram to get you going.

Top business hashtags

#BizLunchHourHow the day is going, expert tip or something that’s been learnt.

#BizhourNetwork event for all business

#B2BhourChance to shout out the business

#Englandhour Shout out to business in that area

#Mondaymadnesswhat do you have on this week?

#SatchatukEarly morning networking session

#smallbizhourPromote a small business or post about SME

#Sundayfundaysomething fun that’s been done or learnt on the weekend

#Weekendhourreflection on the week

Days of the week


#MarketingmondayTalk about marketing

#MotivationmondayMotivating audience with pictures quotes

#MondaybluesPictures of coffee, workspace


#Tiptuesday – Provide top tips in your area of expertise

#Techtuesday – Talk all things technology

#Trendytuesday – How business is keeping up with relatable and current trends


#Wisdomwednesday – Words of advice for followers

#WaybackWednesday – Show how your business has grown

#Humpday – Celebrating the halfway mark of the week


#ThursdayThoughts – Ask some for opinions or ask a question

#ThankfulThursday – Thanks someone who has helped the business or a particular customer


#FearlessFridayTalk about being fearless, take

#FeelgoodFriday – Share happiness, positivity

#FollowFriday – Shout out another small business or partner or ask to be followed

#FunnyFriday – tell something funny, funny meme


#SocialSaturday – Show off your different platforms

#SmallBusinessSaturday – Shout out to small businesses and shoppers

#SalesSaturdayPromote your deals and prices


#SundayRead – Share a good book or blog

#SundayFunday – share fun ways to use your products or how they have been used

#WeekendVibesDisplay happiness, personality and for the weekend

Creative content for your posts

When posting a lot of the time it is extremely important to incorporate some sort of visual content with your post or hashtag. Pictures, videos, slideshows, and animations are all great examples. Visuals create a stronger emotional response and connection with your audience that will help keep them engaged.

What you write about should back up what your visuals are saying. Creating a visual that represents your business and is original will attract more attention. This can be done on websites such as Canva.

motivational quote

For example on Monday an image like the one above could be posted with the relevant hashtag #MotivationMonday

Get setup & scheduling

By following these steps will give you an easy way to grow your business online. You will create a greater brand awareness and loyalty that could lead to an increase in website traffic and sales. Through daily engagement across all your platforms you can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter business decisions.

If you aren’t setup on social platforms yet then make sure to check out our social profile design and setup service here.

To make life even easier you can also use great tools like Buffer to connect all of your profiles and schedule posts throughout the week all in one go.