Social Media Size Guide – Including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube & Google+

Having a presence on social media these days is an essential part of being a business. It allows you to engage with customers like never before which is awesome but it also poses some problems. Like, which networks to I need to be on. Where to my customers tend to hang out & where do they want to engage with me? For example, with Talent Cupboard, we find that Facebook is great for engaging with our student & graduate community but twitter is the best network to talk to new clients.

Once you’ve made some decisions on where you want to appear you’re going to want to make your profiles look amazing. The problem is that they come in all kinds of different shapes & sizes across a million different devices as well. Luckily though, we’ve put together a quick & easy guide to all of the dimensions you’re going to need when designing your profiles.

If you’re not of a creative nature then you can get one of our talented student & graduate freelancers to design all of your profiles for you at an affordable price. Click this link to find out more about our Social Pack.

Social media size guide infographic


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