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What it costs


For businesses

To register

Not a thing. Sign up today and have a look around.


Each project consits of two parts. A project award, which goes to the freelancer, and a listing fee which keeps this website running.

The project award is something you set. Our listing fee is then calculated on a sliding scale from 20% down to 14%. The higher the budget, the lower our fee.

Branding pack

Our branding pack for business has a set cost to make life simple for you. £249 inclusive of fee and VAT.

Social pack

Our social media pack is costed from £149 inclusive of VAT and fee. Couple of extra addons here if you need but again, super simple pricing.


Our subscription website service starts from £25 a month. We take care of everything for this price.

For freelancers

Well this is going to be short....

It costs absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch.

We're passionate about helping the generation of talent and so we don't charge any fees to do any of the following:

- Register to the site

- Complete freelance projects

- Build digital CVs.